Video tutorials can be found in our YT YouTube channel.

This is an application-based manual for the GigaMesh Software framework. It shows basic processing steps typically and also very often used within our projects. Many of the steps can be combined for more advanced tasks. Theoretical concepts can be found in the publications section. For earlier versions of the manual click here.

Topics found in the manual:

00. Video Tutorials

The video tutorials are available in our YouTube channel having the short URL https://gigamesh.eu/youtube. For reasons of accessibility and persistence the videos are published at the Heidelberg Document Repository (HeiDOK). They are free to use under the CC-BY license.

No. Name YouTube HeiDOK via DOI
01 First Steps: 3D Mesh Inspection, Cleaning and Orientation https://youtu.be/s0La2tDzA2M https://doi.org/10.11588/heidok.00024463
02 Cone Unwrapping https://youtu.be/-tTezCZ8Kkc https://doi.org/10.11588/heidok.00024812
03 Sphere Unwrapping https://youtu.be/uZHpofQruuc https://doi.org/10.11588/heidok.00025128
04 Pottery Profiles https://youtu.be/hFwc_HjpfNs https://doi.org/10.11588/heidok.00025188
05 Profile Cuts (general) https://youtu.be/EC2xZALsrc4 https://doi.org/10.11588/heidok.00026536
06 Screenshot Rendering https://youtu.be/cS-MkCg8fsc https://doi.org/10.11588/heidok.00026537
07 Rapid hill shading of geospatial data https://youtu.be/GwhC7mGWY-A https://doi.org/10.11588/heidok.00026538
08 GigaMesh on Windows + Point Cloud Rendering https://youtu.be/yL_v2zie65E https://doi.org/10.11588/heidok.00026539
09 Unpacking a Cuneiform Tablet https://youtu.be/0jqP_6jyjyo https://doi.org/10.11588/heidok.00026892
10 Voronoi Cells & Geodesic Distances - Sabouroff head https://youtu.be/VPqsY4tzwWA https://doi.org/10.11588/heidok.00027985
11 MSII Filtering: Cuneiform Characters & Fingerprints https://youtu.be/W9U6hT96l5E t.b.a.

Beside tutorial no. 10 and 11 there is another video related to a publication:

Name YouTube HeiDOK via DOI
Advanced documentation methods in studying Corinthian black-figure vase painting https://youtu.be/155zXG9eyg4 http://doi.org/10.11588/heidok.00025189